BLEKS-CON CONSTRUCTION COLONY LIMITED is a company duly incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in line with the company and allied matters 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Although affiliated to several foreign corporate entities, we are an indigenous company with strong regards for local content/indigenous and foreign trade regulations and policies.

Our Mission

“Value Creation of solution for construction industries with a focus on becoming the leader in product costing and quality while building excellence in every aspect to meet customer’s stringent requirements by developing effective strategies that emphasize productivity”.

“To be a multi-disciplined professional oil servicing firm of first choice whose aim is to enhance the value of its clients, and ultimately impact on its environment positively”.

Our Vision

To deploy innovative and cutting-edge technologies for cohesive project management that increases efficiency and improves communication

Why Chose Us?

To keep you informed and to ensure your  project stays on schedule, we deploy innovative use of cutting-edge technologies that enable cohesive project management which increases efficiency and improves communication.

We uphold a track record of trust, honesty, and reliability. Blekscon is a brand you can trust with projects of any scope and size.

Beyond bricks and mortar, people are the backbone of our business. We value relationships with the people we serve—our clients, contractors, suppliers, and associates. We believe that buildings are a reflection of the people who build them


Our cardinal objectives are:

  • To ensure that all our operations are conducted in such a way that the safety, Health, Environment and Security of all staff and all other persons who may be affected by our operations are adequately safeguarded and that proper regard to the protection of the environment.
  • To be a national professional advisory firm.
  • To be the firm of choice for our clients and our people.
  • To have well-organized, cohesive knowledge and knowledge management system capable of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • To recruit, train and develop people who will continue to add to the knowledge and skills of the firm.
  • The firm’s policies and strategies therefore revolve around its clients, its people, and its environment and focus on providing value added services.

Corporate Values

Integrity: over the years, we have gained a reputation for integrity and trust from our customers due to our focused and result oriented approach. Our commitment and drive for success has helped to build a solid base of satisfied customers who continued to use our services time and again.

BLEKS-CON CONSTRUCTION COLONY LIMITED integrity speak for itself and a legacy of past projects has ensured our continued success while opening doors for new opportunities.

People: we recognize the value of our workforce and continually strive to develop human resources and capacity. We recruit knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals while also providing opportunities for training and self-development.

Commitment: we are very committed to delivering quality value adding products and services in a timely manner. This has resulted in the acceptance of our company BLEKS-CON CONSTRUCTION COLONY LIMITED as one of the leading construction company in the region. Our well-defined understanding of client specifications and their requirement for a timely delivery, has served as the principal foundation for our acceptance.

Adaptability & Flexibility: Understanding our clients has given us the opportunity to adapt various engineering requirements to meet project demands. This includes the flexibility to adjust approaches and specifications when necessary. All of our projects are custom built and tailored to meet specific requirement; this adaptability and flexibility are key factors that have encouraged their clients to return to BLEKS-CON CONSTRUCTION COLONY LIMITED for their most important projects.

Continuous Learning: At BLEKS-CON CONSTRUCTION COLONY LIMITED, learning is ongoing. We believe in integrating the latest in construction and engineering technologies to ensure that our projects are not compromised by disruptions or obsolescence. Our communications network has provided the backbone support necessary to move us forward. Technologies are incorporated into all projects with a support system that is advanced.