Engineering and Construction

We have developed a culture, systems, and structures that enable us to excel at both small and large projects. By combining our national resources with specific local area expertise, we consistently overcome obstacles and deliver the results our clients expect. We take on Engineering projects from concept to completion, with a guarantee of quality and timely deliveries.

Civil Engineering

Road and Building Construction, Grading/Drainage Plan, Water/Sewer Plan, Detention/Retention Pond Design, Hydraulic/Hydrologic Analysis

Forensic Investigation

We provide comprehensive forensic investigation, expert witness, and litigation support services. Our focus is to bring our clients a thorough, objective assessment of distress and its causation, accurate analysis of technical issues, and clear concise presentation of opinions to attorneys, mediators, and juries.


We apply engineering principles to improve manufacturing processes. We offer Structured Steel Fabrication, Offshore Welding, Fabrication & Repair, Carbon Steel Piping Fabrication & Modification, Compex Electrical, Hydraulic & Instrumentation Installation.

Structural Engineering

We cover Foundation Design, Framing Design, Shear/braced Wall panel design, Bridge Design, and Inspection

Project Management

Our experienced Project Management team can plan, schedule, and execute your projects to ensure timely completion and within budget.

Professional project management is a strategic element to the success of large projects. We have extensive expertise to perform the following tasks proficiently:

Project Cost Management

We use accurate estimating tools to ensure that funds cover the extent of the project and are being monitored regularly to keep stakeholders or sponsors informed. We estimate all costs to the minutest details. This includes all resources such as labor, materials, equipment and anything else needed to complete the project

Project Time Management

Nearly all projects rely on several different timelines and the schedules of multiple people. We plan how each task can be adjusted and how the team’s resources will be allocated and managed throughout the project.

Project Risk Management

In our risk management plans, we identify how the risks will be itemized, categorized, and prioritized. This involves identifying risks that might occur during the execution of the project by making a risk register.

We plan for risk responses. If any risk becomes an issue, our response team is equipped to initiate responsive actions.

Project Integration Management

At Blekscon, we develop a project roadmap that fits into your goals and deliverables. Every process and task is captured and related to the big picture which shows how the project fits into your larger organization and ensures it reaches a successful end.

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