Useful Information

Policy Statement

To provide safe, secure and healthful working conditions in all its facilities for employees, sub-contractor personnel, customers, partners and visitors and to comply with all laws and regulations governing health and safety at work, environment management and healthy community relations.

The main objective of Bleks-con Construction Colony CASHES management system is to identify and eliminate, as reasonably possible, all health, safety, security and environmental hazards while developing and nurturing mutual relationship with communities in areas we operate.

In all Bleks-con Construction Colony operations, operating risk is controlled by limiting exposure to hazards and implementing effective measures that will minimize the possibility of injury, illness or disease, insecurity and any form of environmental degradation.

To achieve this we will;

  • Ensure adequate training of all our personnel and provision of adequate personnel protective equipment to ensure high standard of safety awareness and practice in all our operations.
  • Establish a CASHES management system that will enable us to operate and maintain facilities, equipment and community relations in a planned and systematic manner to minimize potential hazard to our employees, customers, partners, subcontractor personnel and other interested parties.
  • Undertake our activities with awareness of sustainability through compliance with laws, regulations and recognized safe and environmental friendly practices.
  • Monitor and review the effectiveness of our CASHES management system to ensure accomplishment of objectives and take corrective measures in event of any shortcoming.


July 2021

Policy and Strategic Objectives

Our policies and objectives are fully documented in the company CASHES Manual and in the project specific HSE Plan and communicated to all employee upon employment and after via meetings and safety briefing.

Our policy is well documented and endorsed by the Managing Director and strategically posted for all interested parties to read and understand. We recognize the need to design a robust and workable HSE management system, which could otherwise have positive impact on people, property and the environment at which we operate.

Hence, Bleks-con Construction Colony policy and strategic objectives include:

  • To design a robust systems where hazards exposure to our personnel and operatives are “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP).
  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  • To eliminate all discharges and emissions that have a negative effect on the environment.
  • Zero fatality in all activities.
  • To comply, as a minimum, with all statutory obligations concerning Health, Safety and the environment.
  • The elimination of all form of accidents at work.
  • Zero Lost Time Injuries ((LTI)
  • To establish and maintain safe and environmentally sound working standards, procedures and practices throughout its operations.

So far, Bleks-con Construction Colony as an organization has maintained zero levels of LTI and fatality in all operations in and outside Nigeria through total team effort by management and staff.